Remote working doesn't have to just be your living room

The term remote working has now become common vernacular in today’s society because of the wide sweeping changes made to our way of life brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. While many companies offered this as an ad-hoc ‘luxury’ others have now made it ‘their way of doing things’. Some industry reports estimated that in early 2020, less than five percent of jobs could be done from anywhere. Skip to 2022 and it seems like remote working has become the reality with everyone using a laptop, screen & web cam to communicate, share ideas & get their jobs done.

For proof just consider Airbnb’s recent revenue and profit estimates that delivered 78% growth to $2.1 billion which they put down to new remote-work company policies and holiday demand for short-term rental bookings – this was even with travel disruptions caused by the Delta & then Omicron strains of the virus. 

If you wander down a suburban street or an area with apartment blocks during the day you can literally see people at their desks with big screen and pyjama’s quietly working away.

3 unique locations you can be remotely working in NSW

Beachstone luxury holiday rental house living room interior

a luxury house in Jervis Bay

This is an ideal remote working location with plenty of open space, lots of natural light and peaceful surroundings with landscaped gardens. Take your pick for working spaces from the oversize lounge, the soft grass or even the outdoor deck area. It even has an outdoor bath and shower for a refreshing break before your next session begins.
Luna luxury house for rent in Huskisson interior

a luxury house that is pet friendly

For those who work remotely & usually have their pet with them, Luna is an ideal choice. With plenty of open space and its pet friendly features both you and your mate will be right at home in no time. The waters of Jervis Bay are a short walk away and the generous floor plan has plenty of space for animals to enjoy themselves too.
Location to rent for remote working that has an ocean view in NSW

beach front luxury house

For the absolute pinnacle of luxury accomodation Shearwater is a home with prime beachfront access. Imagine sitting on the grass with your toes in the sand as you catch up on emails, finish that marketing plan or write your next novel. With its open plan design, freestanding bath & luxury appointments there is no excuse when it comes to getting your work done while refreshing your soul.

What can remote work really mean though?

Shearwater living room in luxury holiday house for rent in NSW on the beach

For many people remote working might simply be to complete their regular full time job in another location, so same work, just different scenery. Although we are starting to see is a number of business owners, executives, creatives & directors making bookings, even mid week, so they can have some time away from their normal environments to build strategic plans, finish a new corporate presentation, solve complex business challenges, write music & even write a novel.

So for these people it hasn’t been about working remotely to keep on top of email and do conference calls. They have rented one of our holiday houses to get a space they can use as their own that is not too far away from the city & they can avoid the day to day distractions.

Is a holiday house a sensible location to use as a remote working location?

Location to rent for remote working that is in a luxury house in NSW

We’ve seen lots of remote working locations pop up around Sydney and Canberra. There have been lots of trendy warehouse conversions with rows of hot desks, meeting rooms, shared eating areas & complementary services set up on site.


These look and sound great.


Although if you think about it, they will actually feel very similar to working in your existing office or even at home. It is the same type of set up with rows of desks, lots of communal spaces etc.

Renting a holiday house gives you two huge benefits;


    1. It is your own private space with noone else to disturb you with luxury inclusions

    2. Our luxury rental houses are in locations that foster a clear mind by being in a new environment


We have properties that are suitable for remote working in Jervis Bay, Berry or Kangaroo Valley that you can drive to in the morning & within a short time period, feel completely at ease, ready to get stuck into whatever it is you are working on.

Unlike other remote working locations, you can then venture a few steps out your front door to either a rainforest, beach or a lush green grassy rolling hill – instead of a busy street, noisy city or house of screaming kids.

Does a holiday house have everything needed to work remotely?

When we select the properties to be included in our curated collection we pay a lot of attention to their practicality apart from their sense of luxury & style. Each one has a space where working on a mobile phone, laptop or tablet is simple – some even have views that are perfect for an eye break or a quick gaze to gather your thoughts.

So whether you prefer to work at a desk, leaning back on a chair or even sitting on a sun lounge each property has choices to make it easy to get comfortable and complete the task at hand. Plus you don’t miss out on anything because there is super fast internet, a fridge of course ready for snacks or dinner treats & most of our locations are just a walk away from restaurants, bars or other culinary choices.

That’s what makes renting a holiday house on the NSW South Coast to work remotely such a great idea. It is the unique alternative to doing it at home or a typical rented ‘space’

What are some of the benefits from remote working?

Remote working location on the NSW South Coast for small groups

It’s easy for us to say we have great locations to work remotely, but what are the benefits?


Improve work / life balance

It’s a cliche of modern life, but working remotely gives you the choice of having a flexible schedule so that you can start and end a day as you choose, as long as your work is getting completed. Our properties located on the South Coast make that easy because you can do this with complete privacy & the flexibility can be invaluable when it comes to attending to the needs of your personal life.


Remove the typical morning commute stress

Sitting in traffic for sixty minutes or more is not only a waste of time but can add a sense of frustration & wasted energy each morning. If you live in Sydney you can head down to Jervis Bay and arrive by 9am ready to start your day quite easily. If you take on a mid week stay that can be a few hours each day saved from sitting in traffic – imagine how productive you can be as well as the reduction in your levels of stress and anxiety.


Increased productivity

Telecommuting usually leads to fewer interruptions, less office politics, a quieter noise level, and less (or more efficient) meetings if you have them. Combined with the lack of commute, remote workers typically have more time and fewer distractions, which leads to increased productivity so that you can focus on what really matters.

Is remote working better than working in an office?

luxury holiday rental house Bethany Beach House Balcony

A FlexJobs’ 2020 survey found that workers who thought they might be more productive working from home actually were more productive when working remotely. Just over half of respondents (51%) said that they are more productive working from home during the pandemic. When asked why, many cited fewer interruptions and quiet work environments (68% for both) as part of the reason for their increased productivity.

Some of the other benefits can be 

  • More time for physical activity (the beach or bush walk is just metres away)
  • The ability to eat healthier & be more aware of your consumption
  • Less exposure to illnesses

How do we make it easy to work from ‘home’

All of our holiday rental houses have been fully equipped with everything you could possibly need to work remotely, each of our properties are literally a ‘home away from home’. From the simple mandatory items like fast internet connection, great lighting to the luxuries like super soft pillows, beds that encourage you to sleep in and basics like washing machine, dryer, coffee machine & large screen TV

You can easily grab your laptop, mobile phone and spend a couple of days without any break in your normal routines. Go for a stroll on the beach early morning & hit the emails later on after you have soaked up some fresh salt air.

With our expertise providing corporate getaways we can also provide you with some personal choices when it comes to local experiences, dining or activities to complement your work activities.

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