For any holiday rental property owner your biggest focus tends to be maximising your rental returns. It seems obvious but one of the reasons we founded Supercalla Luxury Properties was to help owners actually achieve that with a mix of premium services to elevate the performance of their property all year round.

NSW South Coast Property Styling Service by Super Calla Private Properties


It only takes a few minutes scrolling through holiday rental property listings to see all the common mistakes that owners make when trying to rent out their property. The most common ones are;

  • Poor quality photos
  • Badly written copy about their location and the experience offered
  • No sense of context of how or where their property is in the region or area
  • Amenities not listed clearly
  • Inconsistent information across booking platforms
  • No sense of care or style

All of these things will contribute to either poor occupancy rates or not being able to maximise your average rental income with high nightly or weekend rates.

Going back 10 years there wasn’t too much competition for holiday rental accommodation on the NSW South Coast although the advent of social media and platforms like Airbnb, Trip Advisor, and Stayz has changed all that. In an instant holiday makers can browse hundreds of properties online & you have just seconds to get attention.

Here are 5 key areas that can improve holiday rental returns


We are constantly amazed at the lack of effort some holiday rental property owners will go to when styling and presenting their property. Airbnb lets holiday makers look at a grid or gallery of hundreds of properties where they can select the most visually appealing ones in an instant – anything else is quickly skipped over.

Property styling can make all the difference to competing visually against other properties that can be rented. So if your holiday rental is on the beachfront or up in the hinterland it can have a unique style that suits the location & type of client you are looking to attract.


We laugh at all the property owners who are trying to maximise their rental returns but use poor quality photos taken on their mobile phone. How can you possibly think that it will appeal to people who are prepared to spend more than one hundred dollars per night on accommodation? 

Getting professional property photography can transform the perception of the quality of your holiday renal and in turn enable you to present higher rates. At Supercalla Luxury Properties we don’t just take a few photos and consider it job done, for each property we take them in the morning, afternoon and at night so that your property is showcased in different scenarios – selling a dream experience rather than simply functionality. We inspire


Do you have copywriting that entices a potential holiday maker to try your property or have you just written something simple? Property copywriting can draw someone in and help increase your conversions from views to bookings by making it appealing to stay at your location. Holiday rental copywriting should talk about your property but also the things you can do in the local area.


Some property owners think that keeping costs low is the most important thing, but they quickly forget about how to create an incredible experience for holiday makers which might justify higher rental rates & of course referrals. So including a high end coffee machine, providing Netflix, a good quality Smart television or even nice little things like produce from local suppliers, luxurybathroom amenities and decadent fluffy can transform an experience and set your property apart.


The whole world has consumed more video in the last 12 months than it has in the last 20 years most likely. Humans are visual beasts and while incredible photos can help really showcase a property, going the next step with an immersive video can be the one item that gets a holiday maker to the tipping point of choosing your holiday rental over hundreds of others.

Some other areas that we help our property owners to implement are

  • CREATING HOLIDAY EXPERIENCES; we provide local suggestions, creating holiday itineraries, secret and secluded ‘things to do’ that uses technology such as a digital welcome booklet and travel guide. We think like a holiday maker and what they need most when on holiday and how can you overcome the generally annoying elements of staying in an holiday rental.
  • DAILY LIVING CONSIDERATIONS; Things like poorly equipped kitchens, not enough provisions such as toilet paper, paper towel and salt and pepper. We have a Supercalla standard that ensures our homes are equipped so guests with way more than just the basics. Our guests can simply arrive with their fresh produce and rest assure that they have everything they need for the ultimate DIY holiday.

Hopefully Rob and I have given you a few ideas or insights as to how you can improve your rental returns. These are examples of things we have learnt from our years of managing our own properties. Taking some of the steps above will add cost to your initial set up of a holiday rental listing but is recouped quickly with the ability to charge a higher average nightly price & lower vacancy rates.

Competition for holiday rental accommodation online is tough, so you can’t afford not to stand out.