The purpose of property styling is typically associated to preparing a home for a sale by presenting it in a way that attract potential buyers. These days it is done ‘virtually’ with electronic images placed on the property photos. Although this technique can be used for holiday rental properties to maximise return returns via higher nightly rates. 

Supercalla Private Properties has many years of experience working with luxury brands, locations & with premium services so, Rob and I have seen first hand how it can transform a location and attract the right type of client. Our expertise is creating emotional connections and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of every property we manage through carefully crafted, beautiful interiors.

How we styled Minerva Holiday Rental Accomodation Property Styling by Super Calla property management NSW South Coast kids room


A property stylist will assist by furnishing and styling a property that suits its location & positioning in the marketplace. Using a very clear brief they will make sure the home has a strong aesthetic that is both functional and stylish to attract holiday makers. 

A property stylist can help with colour palettes, furniture pieces, artwork, appliances and even things like materials used for things like tapware or bed linen. It is essentially looking at every visual element of a property and how it is presented in a unified way.

Their skill comes from having incredible interior design expertise so that as soon as you see visuals of the rooms, you instantly feel relaxed, calm and transported to that destination. It is what makes people want to rent your holiday home with a unique, effortless, contemporary interior that suits the NSW South Coast. Custom property styling can transform your holiday home into a beautiful bespoke experience for people to escape to so that you can be more prominent in the super competitive NSW holiday rental market.

Atra Calla Bay Beachfront South Coast NSW Holiday House Rental interior


For Rob and I we have learnt first hand just how much property styling is worth. For our own properties we have been able to double our nightly rental rate & have seen a reduction of vacancy rates during peak times by over 50% simply because our properties looked so much better than our competition.

It is that simple, so the investment in property styling quickly paid itself off because a property stylist can multiply the space, flow and function of a property with their expertise. Most importantly, they apply the most contemporary styling required that can appeal to a wide range of potential clients.

In the past 5 years there has been a boom in property styling across Australia as owners use inspiration they can get online from around the world to give their home a point of difference. For many people it has meant styling was considered when selling of a home but this has now spilt across to holiday rentals because of the intense competition with online booking services like Airbnb.

People who are scrolling on their phone will naturally stop at holiday rentals that look incredible. The most successful holiday rentals are the ones that are beautifully presented with incredible photography which typically achieve better year round occupancy rates, repeat bookings and attract a higher overnight or weekly rental rate.

NSW South Coast Property Styling Service for holiday rentals by Super Calla Private Properties


The other aspect of property styling that isn’t considered by property investors is the ability for a home to attract commercial clients. Small, medium or large businesses are always looking for locations to take photos, film advertisements or take product photography. Having a property that suits a particular style can mean presenting it to corporate or commercial brands to use the location for full or half day shoots which can be financially more lucrative than an nightly rental.

Atra Beachfront Holiday Rental Accomodation Jervis Bay NSW South Coast luxury bathroom


Each property styling service is different of course, but Super Calla Luxury Properties provides a customised selection of services for property investors as part of our management service. First impressions of a holiday rental property are made through the online photos that feature on Airbnb, Stayz, Trip Advisor or  

A beautifully presented property will truly captivate guests and help set holiday expectations immediately as they visualise being able to relax comfortably in your house. Our property styling service will furnish and style your property right down to the finest details so that we meet and exceed guest expectations from the minute they walk in the door. 

There is an increasing appetite for holiday accommodation on the South Coast and Southern Highlands of NSW because of its proximity to either Sydney or Canberra and its relaxed, laid back lifestyle compared to other holiday regions. Being locals ourselves we can help you appeal to and a broad range of holiday clientele.

We understand that styling a holiday home is very different to styling an everyday living space. So we focus on the details that will captivate guests and create an exceptional holiday experience that is memorable to create a yearning to return.  We want to make guests as comfortable as possible and exceed their expectations so that they return or refer friends or even promote the property on social media with a great selfie

For every property owner we will tailor our service to suit their specific requirements, but can include;

  • an initial one-on-one styling consultation and quotation. 
  • We can also provide you with ideas on decluttering
  • Suggestions for room renovations
  • Help with changing floor plans
  • Selection of furniture

Everything that we do has a single purpose in mind which is to present your holiday rental to appeal to affluent clientele but also be a reliable, functional property rental that won’t require lots of ongoing maintenance. Most importantly it is to create a unique luxury experience that will maximise rental returns