A luxury holdiday home is an ideal photo shoot location

The holiday rental homes that Supercalla Private Properties manage are generally used by couples, families or groups who want to go on an amazing holiday on the NSW South Coast. Although many of our property owners will also allow the homes to be rented to be used as a professional photo shoot location.

The amazing team at Grazia Magazine recently rented the Shearwater luxury holiday rental home that is located on the beachfront in Callala Bay. Fashion Director for Grazia Magazine, Aileen Marr wanted to use a location which was a beachfront home to give her photographer the ability to use the soft early morning light before being able to retreat back to shelter and perhaps wait for the afternoon ‘golden hour’ in the late afternoon. It meant she could keep her team and models safe, comfortable and they didn’t have to travel far to be able to take photos.

Grazia Magazine booked Shearwater House at Callala Beach, which is one our our luxury beachfront holiday homes for rent. You literally step onto the grass and then into the sand from the back door. This is a large home that is perfectly suited for use by a family or in this case a small group who needed lots of space to store their photography equipment, multiple bathrooms to cater to make up artists, models changing and of course the crew to use.

With it’s incredible beach access so close it makes the creative process focussed on creating amazing photos rather than worrying about transport, tiny hotel rooms or lugging gear all over the place. Best of all the huge kitchen and multiple bedrooms means the crew had everything they needed for an overnight stay to take photos over multiple days or even wait out bad weather if needed.

You can read what Aileen thought about using Shearwater for the photo shoot on Grazia’s website, she was quite impressed with the level of luxury provided and the location of course. The NSW South Coast is one of the best photo shoot locations you can use in Australia.


Professional photo shoot locations on the NSW South Coast

Forget about reading our words, take a look at the stunning photos created on Grazia Magazine’s website here below are a few teaser shots.

Photography was done by Adrian Price with Nadine Monley taking care of hair and make up, Kelly Harty was the fashion assistant with Koujayn Wiew the stunning model. All the photos were taken on different sections of Callala Beach on the NSW South Coast.

What makes this region so good for professional photo shoots is that unlike Bondi Beach, Coogee or other beaches around Sydney, the South Coast tends have less people, more space and a wide variety of natural areas that can be used.

As you’ll see in the mix of photos you truly feel like you are in an exotic location rather than a beach that is less than two hours away from Sydney. It means there are so many creative opportunities where you don’t need to worry about buildings, crowds, cars or too many onlookers.


Can a holiday home be a functional space for photo shoot locations?

Supercalla Private Properties only lists and manages holiday rentals that can fit a very strict set of criteria. Each one has to offer a very sophisticated level of luxury, amenities and ease of use. So they all have large living spaces, plenty of table or desk space for laptops, entertaining areas, meeting spaces, washing facilities and huge kitchens to cook up a feast for a hungry crew.

It makes it easy to work from a mobile phone, laptop or tablet where you can preview photos taken, do image editing or plan the next day’s photo shoot locations. 

So whether you prefer to work at a desk, leaning back on a chair or even sitting on a sun lounge each property has choices to make it easy to get comfortable and complete the task at hand. Plus you don’t miss out on anything because there is super fast internet, a fridge of course ready for snacks or dinner treats & most of our locations are just a walk away from restaurants, bars or other culinary choices.

Our holiday homes make it perfect for photo shoots on the beach, in a forest, on a farm or even by a lake. Each of our properties are located in primary locations for any style of photography session.

We make it easy to rent a holiday home for a photo shoot

All of our holiday rental houses have been fully equipped with everything you could possibly need to work remotely, each of our properties are literally a ‘home away from home’. From the simple mandatory items like fast internet connection, great lighting to the luxuries like super soft pillows, beds that encourage you to sleep in and basics like washing machine, dryer, coffee machine & large screen TV

You can easily grab your laptop, mobile phone and spend a couple of days without any break in your normal routines. Go for a stroll on the beach early morning & hit the emails later on after you have soaked up some fresh salt air. Or get stuck in and use that morning light to capture amazing photos.

With our expertise managing corporate groups we have lots of experience handling commercial requirements, including sorting out all the right permissions with the property owners. 

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