Hospitality is more than just accomodation

Today, the art of hospitality has become so much more than providing accommodation. It’s about creating a connection with your guests, letting them into your world to understand your purpose, your desire, your dreams.


We are beyond excited to invite you on a more personal tour of our outstanding properties that we are so fortunate to manage. Their stories have resonated with us so much that we feel it is only fair to share them with you so you can truly understand the beauty behind these properties and what they mean to their owners and to Supercalla.


Bethany Beach House is a captivating example of nostalgia; a journey soaked in friendship, memories, hope, heartache, strength, courage & fight.

Bethany Beach House Balcony

A love story that led to a beautiful holiday house

A love story in their own right, owners Tanya & Mike who met in Brussels, purchased the property in February 2020. They had both spent time in Vincentia prior to meeting and when they decided to diversify from share holdings & look into property, Vincentia was on the top of their list of favoured locations.


Tanya loved the area and the stunning beaches and often hoped to one day end up there.A short time was spent looking for homes in Vincentia and when they settled on this property, they could tell there was already a lot of love in the house. It was a solid family home that didn’t need to be perfect or modern. It had the feel and layout to create the right spaces that would become the essence of this home.


For Tanya and Mike, it was more than just finding a home near the beach. Their beach house was inspired by family and a lifelong friendship with Jean, who Tanya met whilst teaching in the USA. Not long after they met, Jean discovered she had numerous breast cancers, shortly after the birth of her only son, Ryan. Jean went through chemotherapy, other treatments, a double mastectomy and thankfully survived.


In the summer of 1997, they rented a beach house in Bethany Beach, Delaware and this is where their beach house memories began. Jean survived a second bout of breast cancer ten years later and this incredibly wonderful tradition of returning to Bethany Beach has continued on for many years, making it possible to spend time together.


Bethany Beach House at Night

Planning a trip with your family that is two hours from Sydney

This special beach week has been at the heart of creating Bethany Beach House in Vincentia. The aspiration was to recreate that special week at Bethany Beach and provide this to other families. The home is a haven for space, relaxation, family time and comfort. The various spaces have been designed to enable guests to take a deep breath and unwind.


The dedicated kids zone under the stairs or wet room in one half of the garage, are just some of the unique design ideas Tanya and Mike have introduced to make staying at Bethany Beach House so easy. The house offers everything you need to make your stay as relaxing and comfortable as possible. It offers many light and inviting rooms for families to interact and connect or soak up the sun in the outdoor spaces for total relaxation and harmony with the stunning ocean views.


The desire to give back so that other families can enjoy holidays at beach locations has been fundamental in achieving the outcome of this project. Tanya loved the experience of renovating the house and this is testament to the additions and simplistic changes made to the house, designed with families in mind. Nothing has been forgotten and guests of all ages are spoilt for choice for activities or spaces to unwind. All you need to pack is your clothes.

Bethany Beach House Bathroom

A holiday rental on the south coast of NSW with purpose

Everything else has been taken care of and the local area offers gorgeous specialty shops to explore your culinary skills or cafes and restaurants if you prefer dining out.


Tanya loves the Jervis Bay Brewing Company and the Vincentia Craft Butchery & Providores just to name a few. Mike loves snorkelling and there is a smorgasbord of outdoor activities such as hiking and golf. The highlight however, is the pristine world class beaches only a short walking distance from the house.


Working with properties and owners who share our values for a total hospitality experience from the heart, fuels our passion for creating wonderment for our guests. Tanya & Mike could see that Supercalla were committed to making Bethany Beach House an authentic special stay so guests could simply enjoy themselves with very little fuss. This home resonates love, humility and togetherness, paving the way for guests to make their own memories of a lifetime.


Tanya has always believed in giving back and Bethany Beach House contributes to Australian Breast Cancer Research, in the hope to help others survive and thrive, like Jean.


We are so proud to be part of their journey and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

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