A mid week stay on the NSW South Coast

Is it just us or we are hearing more & more people mentioning ‘a short getaway’ these days? With life slowly returning to normal it feels like everyone is collectively thinking the same thing, an escape to some fresh air & freedom. The thing is, most families in Australia are planning to have these on a weekend, so that means competition for the same great accommodation spots, weekends become the new ‘peak hour’ in some places and a lot of destinations become so busy it feels like you aren’t on holiday.

That’s why we have seen non-peak, i.e. mid-week travel become the clever strategy that some people are using to grab some time off to recharge the batteries with a stack of added benefits (including avoiding the crowds, which is a pretty good idea in these social distancing times anyway).

Generally we are all fairly conditioned to going on holidays when the school terms finish, during the long weekend public holiday periods, seasonal festive holidays or the most common being a short weekend away. Although with the changing nature of how everyone lives their daily lives these days, people are getting an increasingly flexible amount of time they have in their lives.

This is making a mid week holiday the new way of getting some fresh are & rejuvenating your mind.

What does the term mid week stay mean?

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Typically a mid week stay is exactly as it sounds, accommodation that is booked between Monday and Thursday.  For most accommodation choices in NSW albeit a hotel, motel, resort Airbnb or holiday house rental, this is the period when vacancies are at their highest.

Typically everyone is too busy with their daily routines to get away for a short stay. Therefore you can find so great discounts for mid week stays because it helps accommodation operators even out their vacancy ebbs and flows during the year.

Why do people choose mid week stays?

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Traditionally, a mid week stay would be chosen by people travelling who were trying to save some money on accommodation costs compared to travelling on the weekends. Depending on the type of holiday accommodation you can save between 10% and 50% on standard rental rates.

Although, in the last couple of years we have seen a sharp increase in people using our luxury rental properties on the NSW south coast to spend a couple of days away from home, have some time out & recharge the batteries while avoiding the weekend crowds. With our properties just a short drive from Sydney or Canberra they are close enough to be within easy reach while being far enough to feel like you are a million miles away.

What are the secret benefits of a mid week stay?

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On the NSW South Coast the lifestyle is quite laid back at the best of times. Although during the week you will find most of the cafes, local beaches & even the roads are that much quieter again. It creates opportunities for a quick chat with a local, the ability to amble at your leisure browsing the range of food, clothing, art and gifts in the area in a relaxed pace. 

What type of people are taking advantage of mid week stays?

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Rob and I have been quite surprised at the mix of people from all walks of life that are staying with us during the week. Writers looking for some quiet time to finish a book, a corporate executive completing an annual review plan, couples who have kids off at uni, solo travellers indulging in some ‘me time’ What we have seen is people seem to have a greater sense of freedom and flexibility compared to a few years ago. A laptop or mobile phone can keep you in touch without the need to be behind a desk. 

So while it used to be an almost unthinkable act to pack a light bag & dash off for a couple of days, these days it is becoming more common. Each of the holiday rental houses in the Supercalla Private Properties portfolio are specifically perfectly set up to accommodate two or three night stays during the week with a nice blend of luxury & practicality.

10 reasons for taking a mid week break

  1. Cheaper accommodation rates during the week – the first reason most people choose mid week stays is to save a few dollars considering the biggest hurdle to taking any type of holiday is cost. The thing is, with mid-week (and off-peak) travel, you can take advantage of great rates & help local businesses. Off-peak accommodation rates mean it’s cheaper to travel & sometimes there might be a bonus night stay or extras like breakfasts or late checkouts as the property will be empty the day after.

  2. Mid-week travel helps you beat the crowds – every been stuck in holiday traffic that’s so bad you notice the ants on the roadside are passing you by? Maybe it only feels like it’s that bad, but whatever the case, congested roads are irritating when travelling. This is another great reason to take a mid-week break as there are less people around.

  3. No queues at attractions or food outlets – similar to dealing with less traffic on the road, is less people lining up in food outlets, tourist sites or even for local activities. You can book tours more easily, get a table with a view, grab a coffee with out waiting – the list goes on & sometimes mid-week discounts are available at various attractions.

  4. It doesn’t matter what season it is – summer, winter, autumn or spring have their own unique benefits that makes most of the locations around the NSW South Coast great to visit mid week no matter what time of year it is. Sure, summer means longer daylight hours, great swimming and walks on the beach. The other extreme of winter is still comfortable enough to stroll on the beach & night time in places like Bowral or Kangaroo Valley are perfect to curl up in front of the fire.

  5. Be that person other people envy – ok, ok, this is a bit cheeky but hey who doesn’t like posting a photo of some great location to show off what they are doing? You might even inspire others to come and join you or break out of their routine to try something similar.

  6. Make hump day easier to deal with – let’s face it Monda to Friday can feel like a grind, they don’t call it hump day by the time Wednesday rolls around for no reason. So what better way to overcome that feeling than by taking a mid-week break. Even a short two night stay a couple of hours’ drive from home is all it takes to feel refreshed and invigorated and to get through the week. Plus you’ll have the weekend to enjoy as well.

  7. There is more choice & you can stay in the ‘perfect’ holiday location – this has to be one of the most overlooked benefits, but availability during the week is so much better than weekends for obvious reasons. Everyone gets the same idea and books for holidays, weekends etc. So if you broaden your options and consider other nights of the week, you’ll have many more choices of accommodation in the destination you’re after.

  8. It isn’t a big hit to your annual leave – sure you can take a few weekend off, but a few days here and there you won’t even notice. Maybe you plot out your annual leave maybe a week or two overseas and a few local long weekends here and there throughout the year. Although they can be so far away by the time you build up enough time. A day here & there is more accessible.

  9. You’d be helping the local communities and the economy – the NSW South Coast has suffered from things like the bushfires and of course the pandemic, so many local regional communities are still recovering. One of the best ways to support them is to visit them and spend in their towns, particularly mid-week when there are less crowds.

  10. Don’t you simply deserve it? The last few years have been crazy right? Whatever your personal circumstances – hectic home schooling, draining Zoom life, cancelled plans and events or general family challenges we are willing to bet you could really do with a little time away from it all.
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