Chasing the sea change dream

The South Coast is a destination haven for holiday enthusiasts, travellers and those chasing a sea change. From stunning beaches and headlands to national parks and unspoilt wilderness, this coastal playground offers unique experiences for everyone.It’s also home to amazing people, doing amazing things! A successful and diverse range of individuals and couples cementing their businesses and brands in the local area.


We are delighted to introduce you to Rose and Lachie from Somethings Wild, who are based near Jervis Bay and call the South Coast home. They are a stunningly creative couple made for each other with an enormous appreciation for what you do and who’s by your side.

Jervis Bay Beach House

Personal stories and inspo from south coast locals

Jervis Bay Holiday House

Welcome to our first ‘Conversation with a local’. We hope it inspires you as much as Lachie and Rose inspire us. We have been extremely fortunate to have taken full advantage of their enthusiasm, creativity and skill set and applied this to Supercalla Private Properties, capturing the essence and beauty of each property in a spectacular way.We asked Lachie and Rose a series of questions that encapsulate South Coast living. We invite you to immerse yourself in the authenticity and sincerity of their answers, as they unpack what they do and what they love about the South Coast.


Our local footprint is part of the community, I grew up here and Rose moved down about 15 years ago from Byron bay.Our business is inspired by doing what we love. Travel, lifestyle and capturing people’s love with weddings. We are always trying to add a little extra to the content we create. You don’t need the latest most expensive gear to create beautiful content, you just need an imagination and an eye for capturing things from a unique perspective. No one wants to see the same thing over and over.


We started off shooting short travel videos in the area like hiking, exploring Jervis Bay on our boat and created a joint instagram account to share our photos. We started getting messages from friends wanting us to capture different things and before we knew it Rose had left her Job as a barista to work full time.

Passionate lovers of the south coast's diverse scenery

Jervis Bay Escape

Our hearts beat for how diverse the scenery is. Within 1/2 to 1 hour drive you can go from swimming at the beach, visit a stunning waterfall or swimming hole, go to a winery and or up for a day in the village shopping with a country charm. There are still areas which have that small town friendly charm that so many of us crave.


We’re our most relaxed cruising up and down the coast hanging in our van. It’s way too hard to pick just one place in such a beautiful area with so much to offer.A coffee is best served out the back of our van! Honestly! However when we do go out for coffee it’s usually Peach in Milton or 5 little pigs in Husky.We love to have a drink at the Brewery in Jervis Bay or if we’re feeling a bit more fancy, then one of the local wineries like Cupitts in Milton.


For an unforgettable experience it’s definitely a day exploring the Booderee National park in Jervis bay. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, Pigeon house mountain is a good leg burner!Through the lense, amazing memories are made diving with the seals with Wobbegong freedive. We couldn’t recommend this more!From the tip of our tongue, spend time enjoying the places you visit, don’t rush things or try to see too many places in one trip. Come back again and again to discover all the beauty that this place offers.


In just one word (Rose) I describe Lachie as ‘energetic’ and (Lachie) I describe Rose as ‘creative’.See more of Rose & Lachie’s work at Somethings Wild.